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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still Shopping? Consider Penzey's Spices on Main St.

Looking for small, different gifts, from a store on Main Street? Consider Penzey's spices just east of Pastry Art (south side of Main, east of Lemon, 1516 Main). They haven't been open very long, but I know them from Minneapolis. They sell all manner of spices: eight varieties of Cinnamon, real Vanilla beans, more than a dozen chili peppers -- 250 spices and seasonings in all. And not just popular North American spices, but Central American, Caribbean, Asian, etc. (no Antarctic spices, tho). You can buy small (.3 ounce) jars that work well for stocking stuffers, or four fit in a squarish box they sell for about 50¢ (easy wrapping). They are open 10-6 most days, except Sunday when you can knock an hour off either end.
And no, I don't own stock or have some "arrangement" with the store -- I just think this is a place worth supporting. They are a national chain, but the employees are local and they chose Main St. and not a mall. Check it out -- I'll be surprised if you don't leave with something.  
And don't tell them I sent you, because they have no idea who I am.