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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Challenge to Sarasota County Environmental Lands

Please contact Sarasota County Commissioners on Thursday
June 9th and respectfully ask them to
honor the voters and leave PARKS Policy 1.1.5 intact.

In 1999, the County Commission printed a brochure (seen here) to inform voters about the upcoming Environmentally Sensitive Lands Referendum.
The FAQ below is copied from that brochure.
(First FAQ in the middle column above)

There are two relevant sections in the code of ordinances:

These code provisions are reflected in Comprehensive Plan PARKS Policy 1.1.5.
On Friday the tenth of June 2016, the County Commission may consider amending PARKS Policy1.1.5 to allow recreational hunting in areas voters were promised would not experience consumptive uses or activities that were not ecologically benign. 

Email the Commissioners at    Commissioners@scgov.net

If you would like to listen to the Board Discussion of this matter, click on the link below


Advance to 2:03:50 for the start
My comments at 2:46:00 and 3:22:30

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