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Friday, August 22, 2008

Redding and Mason: Who will win?

I've enjoyed getting to know my two Republican opponents, Richard Redding and Carolyn Mason.  I don't detect any of the tension I sense in some other contests and I think all three of us (and John Mullarkey) accept the sincerity of each other's candidacy. 

I need to be careful here, not too glowing, because any over-the-top praise about them could come back to haunt me in the general election. I probably should avoid endorsing an opponent.

Of course, I'm remembering back in January when current District One Commissioner Paul Mercier told me privately and then repeated for the press his assessment that "Jono's a good man and would be a good commissioner." That's about as close to endorsement one is likely to get from an opponent, and I took it as a good omen.  For details about that statement and the full context of the quote please see an earlier blog entry.

But I don't think I'm giving anything away by stating they both Richard and Carolyn have a history of service. Having "served" with them on the campaign circuit, I can make a case that either one will prevail on Tuesday. 

Consequently I'm adding a poll to see what my blog readers think. Check it out in the upper right of the screen and then let me know who you think I will be facing Wednesday morning.

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