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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jono Miller: Facebook, YouTube, Webpage, Blog "Four-fold Campaign Internet Seems to Work"

Sure, Barack Obama has success with his high-end website. But does it make a difference locally? Based on traffic I say yes. Web Designer Nikki Kostyun has overhauled the old format, making it easier to read and easier for me to keep current. Our new webpage layout may be responsible or it may simply be that people now crave information about candidates, but my website traffic has been increasing dramatically, with over 50 visits on Monday alone and new visitors outnumbering returns 2 to 1. And website totals show over 2,150 distinct  "absolute unique" visitors have checked it out. You can check out the new look too -- simply click on the highlighted text. Combine the website with the blog that now has over 1,500 'reads' on Sarasota Speaks and the YouTube Video from January (152 views) and the Facebook campaign group Jono Miller for Sarasota County Commission '08 (118 members) and  -- if everyone visiting these sites like what they see and votes in Sarasota -- that could make a big difference on November 4th.

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