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Saturday, October 25, 2008

What Five Sarasota County Newspaper Editorials are Saying About County Commission Candidate Jono Miller

While thousands of Sarasotans have already voted, some local newspapers have not yet endorsed in the remaining Sarasota County Commission contest. Of the five that have endorsed, four and a half* find Jono Miller to be the most qualified.

* The Sarasota Observer found Jono to be the "most ready and qualified for the position" and then endorsed John Mullarkey. Jono will settle for most qualified.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

. . . he has repeatedly been willing to work on citizen committees with representatives of broad interests, including developers and business owners.

. . . his campaign has attracted the support of many Republicans, in addition to Democrats and independents, as well as a wide ranges of land-use planners, business leaders and community activists.

. . . Miller’s wide-ranging knowledge and experiences, his well-organized campaign and his voice of reason on contentious issues give him the edge. We recommend Jono Miller for Sarasota County Commission, District 1.

North Port Sun

We were impressed. First, Miller obviously did know his stuff. Second, he really cared that we knew it.

We are recommending Miller for the commission seat because of his command of the issues affecting all of Sarasota County, including those specific to the southern portion, as well as his common sense, his thoughtful approach to questions and his ability to articulate positions.

Sarasota Observer

. . .Miller is the candidate most ready and qualified for the position. He has an expert grasp of the issues . . .

. . . Miller gets it: He understands that the top challenge for Sarasota County is creating an environment that will lead to job and business growth.

Pelican Press

We are fortunate that one of the candidates in this race not only meets but exceeds these requirements – Jono Miller.

His campaign finances show healthy contributions from the development community. For a well-known environmentalist to receive such contributions is a refreshing change, and an example of Miller’s ability to create consensus.

We believe Jono Miller is uniquely qualified in these uncertain times to provide a steady hand at the county commission. Despite his assigning Midnight Pass a low priority, we endorse Miller for the District One seat on the Sarasota County Commission.

Englewood Sun

Miller has a good grasp of details on a variety of subjects. More than that, though, we were impressed with his thoughtful approach and what seemed to be a natural drift toward balance on the issues. He will be a positive addition.

The Sun recommends Jono Miller for the District 1 seat on the Sarasota County Commission.

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