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Friday, October 24, 2008

North Port Sun Endorses Jono Miller

Long-awaited endorsements from South Sarasota County are coming in and the North Port Sun has endorsed Jono Miller, a north county resident who has been visiting (and learning about) North Port since the early 80's. Miller's broad knowledge of the entire county seems to be reflected in the editorial endorsement. This is Miller's third local newspaper endorsement.

Excerpts from the Endorsement:

We were impressed. First, Miller obviously did know his stuff. Second, he really cared that we knew it.

We are recommending Miller for the commission seat because of his command of the issues affecting all of Sarasota County, including those specific to the southern portion, as well as his common sense, his thoughtful approach to questions and his ability to articulate positions.

I feel like I have a relationship with North Port,” he said.
Asked for an analysis of the reasons for lingering bad blood between North Port and the county, Miller thought it could be traced to General Development Corp.’s original design of the sprawling community and the threat its growth may pose to Sarasota City.
“It’s not the fault of residents and the city of North Port that they were dealt a dirty hand,” he told us. He felt fresh faces on the city and county commissions could help forge a new, positive relationship.

Miller has a good grasp of details on a variety of subjects. More than that, though, we were impressed with his thoughtful approach and what seemed to be a natural drift toward balance on the issues. He will be a positive addition.

The Sun recommends Jono Miller for the District 1 seat on the Sarasota County Commission.

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