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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not yet a candidate

I'm starting this blog with both excitement and trepidation. I haven't filed with the Supervisor of Elections yet, so technically I don't have a campaign and I am not a candidate. On the other hand,  since gmail makes this service available for free I haven't expended any money, this first entry is really announcing my intention to become a candidate. 

The Sarasota Herald Tribune broke the news of my intentions on Christmas eve. Jeremy Wallace's column "Democrats dreaming of Sarasota County win" focused on three main themes: my potential to break an unbroken streak of Republican County Commissioners that stretches back to 1970, the fact that I am no stranger to county politics, and  a very truncated summary of my record of service to the community.

Jeremy also covered my possible run in his December 18th blog: Democrat considers county commission run.

Pelican Press reporter Rick Barry also broke the story Jono Miller will run for County Commission a few days earlier. His story also covered the democratic angle, mentioned that I was "a leader in civic affairs for three decades" and pointed out my concern about the state of the local economy. 

All this was preceded by a Mark Gordon CoffeetalK piece environmental activist may run for county seat (second page) that ran in the Observer. 

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