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Friday, July 11, 2008

Jono Miller Campaign Snags Free Press

Got five bucks? If so you can support our local economy by springing for the current issues of the Gulf Coast Business Review  (July 11-17 Issue $1) and SRQ Magazine (July Issue $5). Each has a piece dealing with my campaign. I could quote them here, but then you wouldn't be supporting local business. I'm doing my part by being newsworthy, now its your turn to step up and support local journalism. 

Special thanks to SRQ's Lindsay Downey and GCBR's Mark Gordon for going beyond the high profile, top-of-the-ticket political stories to delve into the First District Sarasota County Commission race -- the one that is guaranteed to make history, whatever the outcome. 

And don't forget Steve Smith's June 29th four way comparison column in the Englewood Sun and Jeremy Wallace's (Sarasota Herald Tribune) entry also profiling the first district Republican Primary race. (It's too late to go back and buy those papers.)