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Friday, October 17, 2008

Observer finds Jono Miller Most Qualified, Then Endorses Mullarkey

October 17 • The Observer family of newspapers has released its candidate endorsements. While it is no surprise that incumbent Democrat, Barbara Ford-Coates, has the best credentials for Tax Collector, it was a surprise that the Observer actually went for a Democrat. But that was it for the Democratic candidates. In the District 1 County Commission race, Jono Miller got rave reviews, then lost ground for providing leadership on one of the most popular and successful county programs -the Environmentally Sensitive Lands initiative that used voter-approved funds to protect nearly 45 square miles of the county through a willing seller program.

An excerpt of the Observer's comments about Jono appears below. (If you want to read what was said about John Mullarkey, pick up a copy of the Observer or maybe he will post the text on his blog.)

This race has two of the most thoughtful candidates in the entire field-- Democrat Jono Miller and Mullarkey. Of the two, Miller is the candidate most ready and qualified for the position. He has an expert grasp of the issues and would raise the commission’s intellectual capital.

Our one hesitation with Miller has been his support of a county tax to buy private land from preservation. Except for that, Miller gets it: He understands that the top challenge for Sarasota County is creating an environment that will lead to job and business growth. He understands that stopping sprawl and limiting densities and heights are conflicting policies
. Of the two, he supports higher densities.

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