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Monday, November 3, 2008

Jono Miller Supporter Objects to Negative Ads Against Miller

The following was submitted as a possible letter to the Editor by a Jono Miller supporter. It is titled: WITH NEGATIVE POLITICAL PAC ADS, IT IS ANY WONDER THAT SOMEONE OF JONO MILLER'S TALENT RARELY RUNS FOR OFFICE?

As a small business owner and active member of a local community civic association in Sarasota County, I feel compelled to speak out regarding the type of negative, misleading, and mean-spirited PAC ad that is being aired about Jono Miller who is running for Sarasota County Commissioner, District 1.

I have known and worked with Jono on various Sarasota County community issues over the past 20 years and believe that he would be mentioned a list of those that have contributed to the legacy and enviable quality of life that we all enjoy in Sarasota County. From his tireless work in protecting our most valuable natural resources as chairman of Sarasotas Environmental Sensitive Lands Protection Program to addressing important economic and social issues through his leadership with Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence (SCOPE), Jono has consistently demonstrated a rare talent in being able to understand diverse perspectives and find common ground solutions. This talent is often missing but is desperately needed in our political deliberations. We are blessed that someone of Jono's character, talent, and proven commitment is willing to consider serving in public office.  

The truth is that because of his proven track record in finding common ground solutions, Jono has broad support among both local business and civic leaders in Sarasota County. And throughout his campaign he has consistently stated that his top priorities will include promoting local businesses, keeping talent here, and diversifying our economy. All are essential for our economy and enviable quality of life to be sustainable and thrive in the 21st century.

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