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Sunday, October 17, 2010

RE: Shannon Staub's Successor --The Missing Page in the Appointment Form


At a recent Tiger Bay luncheon the Governor apparently referred to his practice of interviewing all candidates that apply for a gubernatorial appointment. Now that more than two dozen Sarasotans have applied to fill the remainder of Commissioner Staub's term, he would seem to have a lot of work to do.

He is aided by the staff in the appointment's office who receive the applications, and vet applicants. The application is fairly extensive (six pages of content) and asks for a lot of detail on some matters. But it is a general appointment form and doesn't actually deal with a number of important questions the Governor (and Sarasota citizens) would probably like to have answered before a decision is made.

For instance: the form doesn't ask if an applicant lives in the District in question, whether they intend to run for the District 3 seat in 2012 if appointed, or if they have ever done anything for the County or District.

In order to simplify the work of the Governor and staff, I've created a supplemental page that addresses many of the shortfalls. In the next few days I will answer the questions, forward my responses to the Governor's Appointment Office and post my responses online here.

If all the applicants would do the same, it might be a service to both the Governor, the media, and Sarasota citizens.

Of course, since I am applying to complete the term, some will no doubt accuse me of preparing a biased or leading form that plays to my strengths. I actually feel it is fairly neutral on that score, but I'll concede the point.

In response, here's my proposition to other applicants -- a possible way to balance any bias:

You design your own one page supplemental form, fill it out and send it to me. I will answer the same questions you posed and submit my response to your form to the Governor's office and post it online. The only caveat is that I reserve the right to forward your completed form to the Governor's office and post it here as well.

Below you'll find the page I think is missing from the form. Yes, I know it is small. It's a pdf and if you click on it you should be able to enlarge and read it. If you are reading this on Sarasota Speaks, the pdf may not be visible. If not, click on FULL ARTICLE to go to the original blog entry.

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