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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I believe . . . term limits for County Commissioners

I believe term limits for Sarasota County Commissioners:

1) disenfranchise voters, because some people in 1998 would be deciding who you and I can't vote for in the twentifirst century

2) shift more power to staff and administrators, because the institutional memory will lie with staff and administrators who have no term limits and will therefore have an easier time manipulating elected officials

3) create guaranteed lame ducks with no second term accountability to an electorate, because  once they get elected to a second term they need never consider the electorate again. If they are good commissioners they can vote their conscience, but if they are not so good they can act on behalf of their supporters, further their own interests, or generally thumb their nose at the electorate. ( And the whole premise of term limits seems to be based on the proposition that, if not initially rotten, elected officials soon turn towards the dark side.)

4) reduce our influence both regionally and on a state level, because it takes commissioners awhile to master the county and only then can they be effective leaders on regional issues such as water, transportation, infrastructure corridors, etc.

5) insure that any commissioners we do happen to like will be prevented from serving because we have elections to get rid of leaders we don't like and term limits perversely insure we get rid of any leaders we do like. 

Show me where those statements are wrong.