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Monday, July 21, 2014

Herald-Tribune Covers Palm Ave Story

Tucked under the headline PALM AVENUE PALMS' FUTURE IS AGAIN SHAKY, the Sarasota Herald Tribune's Ian Cummings ran a story on July 20th 2014. Although the piece mis-identified me as a "retired professor of Environmental Studies" the article, which appeared on the front page of the second section, is a fair summary of the issue.

I was not interviewed for the article, so it doesn't reflect the more recent discovery that some of the palms were visible in a 1925 photo - making them at least 89 years old in that location.

The article, somewhat ominously, quotes Tim Litchet that "Now, we are hearing from people on both sides"  suggesting a campaign by parties unknown to reduce shade, decrease pedestrian opportunity, violate adopted City policy, and disrespect our natural and cultural heritage on Palm Avenue.

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