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Monday, January 21, 2008

Ed Smith Stadium

I sent the following E-Mail to Sarasota County Commissioners on January 21, the day the Sarasota Herald Tribune ran an Editorial about Ed Smith Stadium.


I noticed the Sarasota Herald Tribune article encouraging everyone to take another shot at the Ed Smith Stadium deal couldn't bring itself to mention the county share (only that it would be $4 million less than the previous approach).  And I lament the fact that so many professional teams tend to comparison shop, looking for deals, rather than making a commitment to a community and sticking with it.

My philosophy is that one antidote to sprawl and the general homogenization of our community is that, whenever possible, we should try to save what is unique and special about Sarasota County. That guides my thinking on ESLOC and led to the idea of the Neighborhood Parks program. I understand that a County commitment to the latest Ed Smith Stadium proposals will mean other initiatives will not be funded, but I think this stripped down version is worth pursuing. I'm not sure Spring Training is as central to Sarasota's identity as the Ringling Winter Quarters were to Venice, but losing industries with such public connection and accessibility is, I believe, more damaging to our communities than losing comparable enterprises that are virtually invisible. 


Jono Miller

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