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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Join me Sunday for a potluck and march for Dr. King

I'm inviting all early supporters for a simple potluck late brunch/early lunch at Gillespie Park this Sunday, January 20th.

This is not a big-budget production, but a simple, spontaneous event. Since we can't reserve tables or space in advance, this event may provide opportunities for problem-solving. Gather at noon at the picnic tables south of the playground or wherever you see a large “Official Sarasota County Campaign Headquarters” banner. We'll eat around 12:30.  Please bring a brunch dish or beverage to share.

Gillespie Park is easy to find. Simply turn north off of Fruitville on Osprey (which is between 301 and 41). Soon you'll see the park on your right. MAP

This is a chance to socialize informally, enjoy a local urban park, consider Dr. King, and meet and chat with County Commission Candidate Jono Miller, who will speak briefly around 1:00 pm.

This downtown gathering will position everyone present who chooses to to head over to City Hall around 1:30 to prepare for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. March. You can march as an individual or join other Sarasota Democrats who will be marching as group.

To march in the MLK Day Parade, please meet up by 2pm by the seashell sculpture at the corner of 1st Street and Lemon Ave. downtown (this spot is across from the bus terminal and also across from Whole Foods, just north of Mattison's Grill on Main Street). The march begins at 3pm and ends at MLK Park (at the corner of Cocoanut & MLK, close to Ringling School of Art & Design). This is a one and three quarter mile distance, and I'm told trolleys will be available to run folks back downtown. A vigil and unity circle concludes the event at 5pm in the park.  

If you can't make it Sunday, please check out the campaign website: www.jono08.com and take time to contemplate the many contributions of Dr. King.  You may also want to learn more about Florida's own martyred civil rights leader Harry T. Moore, and his wife Harriete. 

If you know in advance you'll make the scene, please RSVP to jonocampaign@gmail.com

And if you just decide to show up spontaneously, that will work too. 

And yes, you can feel free to forward this blog link to others. Let's have a great march on Sunday.



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